Body Safe Education Program

BodySafe is a free program provided by ParaQuad Tasmania to schools and colleges statewide.

The BodySafe Education Program is an interactive and dynamic program aimed at students between years 8-12 and is carefully aligned with the Australian Curriculum (Health). The program discusses risk taking behaviours and the prevention of spinal cord injury and physical trauma (such as motorcycle and car accidents or risk-taking decisions).

Our presenters who deliver the program have an an acquired spinal cord injury and use their own stories throughout the presentation as a springboard for student engagement, allowing them to critically examine the key issues. Using this approach, our program encourages students to discuss difficult topics, think about their own choices as well as thinking flexibly and developing solutions in a group environment.

Standard group sizes are usually approx. 20-30 students. However, our presenters are also able to cater to assemblies and large groups. The program can vary depending on the size of your group, so please speak with us prior to booking in regards to the most suitable group size for your situation and requirements.

Peer led coaching for people with a spinal cord injury or physical disability in Tasmania is a newly developed initiative, designed to provide a platform through which we can collaborate with and support individuals with a spinal cord injury and their families to achieve greater independence, increased resilience, and build capacity for the future.

Propel provides an opportunity for an individual with lived experience of spinal cord injury or physical disability to connect with another person going through the same, or similar, experience. Participants can connect and communicate through face to face and online.

Topics that people find useful talking with others about include independent living, health, leisure and wellbeing, family and parenting, education and employment, information and resources, advocacy and support in resolving concerns.

We are also involved with the Spinal Interest Network throughout Tasmania, and will be able to contribute in the transition process from rehab to home, and in the return to work related activities.

Propel builds capacity through providing empathetic and qualified coaching support in decision making through informed choices, planning and goal setting, and self-reflection and review.

Peer Coaches currently being appointed for this program, and will undertake training in February 2020 to support their existing expertise as a person with lived experience, in the delivery of Propel. Further details will be released in February 2020 – stay tuned! For further information please contact us on [email protected] Propel Peer Coaching has been funded through the National Disability Agency.

Wheelie Safe – Tips & Tricks

The ParaQuad Association of Tasmania is excited to offer our newest project, Wheelchair Safety! Come and join us for a free workshop, where we will connect you with allied health clinicians, people with lived experience of spinal cord injury and/or wheelchair use as well as Tasmanian Police Community Division.

The workshop will cover topics such as: pressure mapping , correct posture, rules and information regarding road safety and public transport/ bus malls/ footpaths as well as tips, discussions, demonstrations and lots of information.

For more information please contact ParaQuad on 6272 8816 or email [email protected]

This course will be delivered state-wide in the upcoming months and is generously funded by MAIB.

Access Advisory

ParaQuad Tasmania provides dedicated staff to carry out an examination of a building and its facilities to asses its ease of use by people with a disability in accordance with a pre-determined criteria set out by the Building Control Act and the Disability Discrimination Act.

Some of the reasons a business may carry out an access inspection are to:

  • To help meet legislative requirements.
  • Improve disabled access.
  • Increase custom and turn over.
  • Protect your business from claims of disability discrimination.

ParaQuad Tasmania advocates on behalf of the Spinal Cord Injury community in the areas of:

  •  Planning, design, management, and regulation of the built and natural environment, including but not limited to commercial premises, housing, public spaces and amenities.
  • Public and private transport services and infrastructure
  • Access to appropriate technology
  • Access to meaningful employment and education

Physical disABILITY Sports Tasmania

Physical disABILITY Sports Tasmania (PdST) became an official program of ParaQuad Tasmania in 2008 after it was handed over by Wheelchair Sports Tasmania. Since that time PdST, on behalf of ParaQuad Tasmania, has become the state’s leading provider of wheelchair sports.

Thanks to the work of the PdST team, wheelchair sports and teams have now been established in the South, North and North West of the state for all ages and abilities, with sports including Wheelchair Basketball and AFL, Boccia, Darts, 8Ball and Wheelchair Tennis to name a few.

For further information, please view the PdST website:

Wheelchair Sports In Schools

ParaQuad Tasmania offers the Wheelchair Sports in Schools program across the state, which gives students in grades 7-12, the opportunity to participate in Wheelchair Basketball or Wheelchair Australian Rules Football. The program is designed to give students the opportunity to view life from a different perspective and try a different sport with a very different set of skills from the ones they are used to. Students will discover how difficult playing sport in a wheelchair is but also learn that whilst challenging, it is VERY fun!

The session goes for around 1 hour and involves wheelchair skills such as pushing and turning the wheelchair in a safe manner, games skills and finally the opportunity to participate in a game. The sessions are run by one of ParaQuad Tasmania’s elite athletes who will finish of the session with a short talk about what life in a wheelchair is really like.

ParaQuad Tasmania supply all wheelchairs and equipment for the Wheelchair Sports in Schools Program.

Please contact the ParaQuad offices for more information.