Whether it’s taking part in a weekly exercise program or tackling a much bigger challenge, Georgie Gott has been reaping the benefits of physical activity, particular in the last few years.

“I guess I was looking for an outlet,” Georgie says.

It wasn’t always so easy to find that outlet. Georgie has paralysis of her left leg, so uses crutches to get around. Growing up, Georgie did swimming and some bushwalking with her family, but team sports weren’t really an option.

“I was introduced to wheelchair basketball by ParaQuad Tasmania when I was at Devonport High School though,” Georgie explains.

“When I finished Uni (after studying Occupational Therapy) and returned to the North West Coast I enquired about wheelchair sports … now I play pretty much every Friday.”

For Georgie, it’s a fun way to get regular exercise.

“I think it’s fantastic having wheelchairs readily available to use through ParaQuad . It means participating in a team sport that I’d never done before … there’s no pressure and you do get a good workout by the end of it!”

Above: Georgie takes a mark in a Wheelchair Aussie Rules competition. Image Credit: Solstice Digital

Georgie also does regular Pilates, which she finds beneficial for her core strength, and she’s recently taken up a Pump class at her local gym.

“Since I’ve been doing regular exercise, I’ve realised how much better it makes me feel.”

Georgie encourages people with physical disabilities to reap the rewards of being physically active.

“Don’t be afraid to go along and give it a try. There might be some bits you can’t do, but just have a go.”

Giving it a go is certainly Georgie’s mantra.

She completed the 48km Three Capes Walk in Tasmania’s South East last year.

Above: Georgie doing the Three Capes walk with friends.

“I was wrecked by the end of it … my hands were all blistered up.”

But that hasn’t put her off planning a bigger challenge.

“I’m going to do the Grean Ocean Walk (104km) in Victoria in November – the goal will be to get the whole walk done.”

We wish Georgie every success is reaching her goal.

If you or anyone you know is interested in playing Wheelchair Sports with ParaQuad Tasmania, contact us by email, pdst@paraquadtas.org.au or call 6272 8816.