Do you live by good road safety habits? 

National Road Safety Week 2024 (5-12 May) should give us all incentive to make sure we think about the safety of all road users every time we get behind the wheel. 


Because the impact of road trauma can be life changing, or worse. For you, someone you love, or someone special to another family. And it’s preventable. 

NRSW is an annual initiative from the Safer Australian Roads and Highways Group (SARAH), partnering with government and road safety advocates to highlight the impact of road trauma and ways to reduce it. The SARAH group was named by Peter Frazer after his 23-year-old daughter Sarah was killed in a road crash on the Hume Highway in 2012. 

We often hear about the ‘road toll’ and the terrible impact this has on families and friends. Terrible too is the impact of crashes resulting in serious injury. 

Last year there were 35 fatalities and 309 serious injuries from road crashes in Tasmania*. 

Of serious injuries: 

– 35% were drivers 

-30% motorcyclists 

-15% passengers 

-65% males  

The age groups most represented in serious injuries stats: 

-30–49-year olds – close to 30% 

-17–29-year olds – 25% 

-Over 64-year olds – 20% 

ParaQuad Tasmania’s BodySafe Education Program aims to tackle risk taking behaviour, including on our roads, by offering a free program to students in high schools and colleges. 

Last financial year we reached more than 1850 students in 25 schools statewide.  

A teacher from one Hobart school recently praised ParaQuad’s BodySafe presenter, a person with lived experience of spinal cord injury. 

“His insights left a lasting impact on our students, empowering them to make informed choices and prioritise their wellbeing.” 

ParaQuad Tasmania applauds all organisations and businesses involved in highlighting road safety messages. 

And we urge all road users to remember that road trauma is preventable. 

When you get behind the wheel, please consider every road user’s safety and continue good driving habits – every day.  


Find more information about the BodySafe Education Program here, or email  

*Tasmanian crash statistics – Transport Services